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Abby | 0 to 120 in 1.2 | Laura Barnard


Abby.   Check out this lil’ chicky who can do 0 to 120 in 1.2 seconds.


This photo shoot was a blast but I had my work cut out for me.  Abby had ideas about where she wanted to go and how she wanted to do it all. First she was spinning, then she was sitting. Then, she was running and spinning. Then, when I would turn to talk with her mom, she was chasing ducks in the middle of the road. I’m not complaining because my favorite kind of shoot is one in which I am allowed lots of time for taking candids and this session delivered!

There was a fleeting quiet moment too when Abby was laying on the grass. I got down on my stomach about 10 feet away and as I was getting my camera in position we connected eye to eye.  After that, I had a new friend. I’m a lucky girl 🙂








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