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Brothers | May I Take Their Photographs, Pretty Please??? | Laura Barnard

Last summer I was walking the same path I often do to retrieve my kids at one of their daily activities in Maine when all of a sudden an 8 year old toe-head boy unlike I’ve ever seen before was in my view.  I literally stopped in my tracks and couldn’t believe my luck.  I asked one of the instructors running the program who he was and her response was, “wait ’til you see his older brother too – he’s 10.” It took me several days of waiting around parking lots feeling much like a stalker might until I finally met their mother and after I introduced myself I did something I have never done before: with some restraint I begged, “May I please take their photographs, please???”  I knew there was something very special in these boys. So, after borrowing the nearly brakeless, seatbelt-free old jeep, I stuffed them in and we drove to a spot in front of the ocean all the while fighting them off the steering wheel as they argued who would drive next.  Laughing the whole way I had to remind them of their ages and ask they not fall out as it would ruin our shoot and their clothes.   Their mother has since started a portfolio for them and now the skies the limit.  The first shots were taken in an old boat house and the rest were down by the water.














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