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Shannon | Finding your Strength | Laura Barnard

I think every day there are ways we challenge ourselves, maybe in small or large ways, sometimes consciously and other times without realizing it.

The rest of the world disappeared one morning as I just sat motionless for an hour watching Shannon and a horse figure out their relationship.  In the following first 3 photographs, you’ll see the dilemma Shannon confronts as she struggles to overcome her fear of horses and the strong desire to be close to them. Amazing how photographs can tell a story and without words we still hear every word. The first photograph may be my favorite – a powerful inner conversation and understanding between horse and man.  Then, a gentle and encouraging gesture from the horse.  And lastly, triumph for the little girl and what looks to be relief on the horse’s face as the two connect.

The 4th & 5th photographs are from the same day and I thought were fun: a sleeping mini and a stable mate calling for her friends.

May you have the strength to meet your challenges today…xo Laura







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